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Recently i opened an account with FAB and according to guidelines i follow the same procedure but still failed to get my ATM card. Today i give a call to contact person Mr. Yawar in Dubai branch and the way he talks was very rude. Now, I decided to not proceed further with FAB. Please arrange some inductions to employees so at least they should understand customer services. Thanks.



Kamran Ur Rehman Khan from United Arab Emirates reviewed FAB – First Abu Dhabi Bank on 28-11-2022



Emmar customer service don’t understand their buyer issue and nobody moves a finger to help you with the issues




Dan Marco from United Kingdom reviewed EMAAR Properties on 28-11-2022


Working with Next Level is a pleasure

Working with Next Level is a pleasure. They always make sure to deliver what you request. Their assistance made it much simpler to look for properties in various locations.



Brad Robat from United Arab Emirates reviewed Next Level Real Estate on 28-11-2022



I chose the Nice Guy to celebrate my daughter’s one special day (her birthday), We saw the ‘no photos’ sign and asked the waiter if we can take pics of our family without the restaurant surroundings and was told that it’s ok. When they got the cake, I was taking a pic of my daughter and an extremely rude staff named “Ani” decides to show up at my side and notify me that pics are not allowed infront of everyone. It was disrespectful and embarrassing, and the exact scenario I wanted to avoid by previously asking our waiter. She ruined the whole experience and my daughter’s one special moment, if pics are not allowed that needs to be clear from the start, I will NEVER go back to this restaurant, extremely unpleasant and unacceptable behavior.


Disappointing Rude Unprofessional Not Client-oriented

Nehal badri from United Arab Emirates reviewed The Nice Guy Dubai on 27-11-2022


bad and disappointing experience

If Pharmacy don’t have item in stock then why they placing item for selection and once we paid from bank card and after receiving message, item not in stock, totally useless, making sense if things not in stock then why placed, time waiting, money deducted from bank card, plus they said they return money in the pharmacy wallet, its mean they forcing us to buy another item from same pharmacy, very disappointing.


Disappointing Dishonest Misleading

res Jii from United Arab Emirates reviewed LIFE Pharmacy on 26-11-2022


Personal Reviews

It’s Muhai Ud Din Hafeez here with you. I want to share my personal experience at this platform. I have been in Dubai since 2011. I have dealt with many Real Estate consultants during last 12 years however I found Ms. Anastasia Chaikina from Metropolitan Real Estate best ever in Dubai Real Estate. I will recommend Dubai Real Estate investors to deal with her and get best experience of professionalism.

Many Thanks Muhai Ud Din Hafeez



Muhai Ud Din Hafeez from Pakistan reviewed Metropolitan Premium Properties on 25-11-2022



I am writing to raise my concerns regarding the medication for my sugar with a high dosage. Please refer to the attached screenshots of my results.

I am a diabetic patient in the Philippines I have maintained Jardiance Duo 12.5mg/500mg.

I am just 3 months in the UAE and happened to finish my medication maintenance here, so I decided to choose American Hospital as I believe it’s the best hospital in UAE.

I had a consultation with Dr.Gita Majdi way back on 31 October 2021. Due to my very high sugar at that time, I understand that she needs to prescribe a dose medicine of Synjardy 12.5mg/1000mg. I have taken the said medication for a week now but it seems that my sugar level is responding.

I experienced Hypoglycemia and fell with extreme Dizziness and Short Breathing. I lost my vision and collapsed.

Sunday, 6 November @ 6PM – random sugar was 60

Monday, 7 November @ 11AM – random sugar was 65

Thursday, 10 November @ 10AM – random sugar was 58

I asked Dr. Gita Majdi to please change the dosage of my medicine to at least 12.5mg/850mg – but she mentioned that there is no available dosage in the system of American Hospital.

I am asking a good help here to provide me with a Prescription of Synjardy 12.5mg/850mg so I can take this to Life Pharmacy or any applicable Pharmacy outside.

I cannot bear the extreme dizziness and short breathing every time I took the medicine after breakfast. I’ve been making scenes and sickness during working hours, killing me to continue this situation.

Dr. Gita Majdi provide the prescription of Synjardy 12.5/850mg but unfortunately due to the system generated she cannot provide ERx Reference Number because in American Hospital System only shows Synjardy 12.5/1000mg. —

Are there any other best options or what will be the action point to be taken so AHM can help their patients suffering from this? It is very frustrating and devastating how such a huge hospital like AMERICAN HOSPITAL DUBAI.




Chile Irene Ravanes from United Arab Emirates reviewed American Hospital on 25-11-2022


Account freeze

been using Liv. for 5 years now and I never had an issue with it until 4 days ago, my account got frozen without any warning/reason. all my money is on the account! can’t withdraw them. I have contacted them via chat, they they keep telling me the same thing!
(Your account is under review due to internal bank policy. Our team will contact you shortly via call or email.) Been 4 days now and still haven’t got anything from them yet!!
Do not use Liv. for Savings. they will freeze your account at anytime without you even knowing. Whole my money is currently stuck. and I don’t even know for how long or even If I will be able to get it back! Please stay away from this bank very disappointed.


Dangerous Terrible Unprofessional Unreliable Untrustworthy

Hamad from United Arab Emirates reviewed Liv Bank on 22-11-2022


Online ordering

Never order online. ordered on 11th Nov, delivery was to be made within 4 days. Not received even after 10 days. Every day the order status gets updated as out for delivery and then comes back to the hub. Requested a refund, was informed that it can be processed only after their invesgstion is over with no set time or I have to return the product


Disappointing Horrible Inattentive Incompetent Misleading Scam Not Client-oriented

Dinesh Ilapperuma from United Arab Emirates reviewed Sun & Sand Sports on 22-11-2022



He walked me through all the details without the feeling of being rushed. We went to court and the case closed because of him and his team. Already recommended to a close friend.


Amazing Attentive Cooperative Efficient Impressive

Yelena from United Kingdom reviewed Hassan El Hais on 22-11-2022


extremely unhelpful

I bought a car insurance, until making the online payment everything was ok soon after zero service. I had to follow up on simple things over the phone to get my insurance documents. on 21.11.22 spoke almost to all call center agents non of them were understanding or welling to complete the insurance after 3 hours they did putting me in more mess the insurer company did not upload the insurance for another 3 hours in RTA system kept calling requesting non of them were welling to help. happy to explain more if their bosses or anyone want to speak to me.


Disappointing Dishonest Horrible Rude Unprofessional Unreliable Not Client-oriented

Jan from United Arab Emirates reviewed Policybazaar UAE on 22-11-2022


Never purchase mortgage apartments with Damac!

Damac will provide you unclear details intentionally, because no other option you have when the down payment is done. No way back! You will pay difference, unpredictable level, and no one will inform you that! By the fact or you pay more or you loose downpayment 100%. Tricky and unfair scenario! Please do not trust any words!


Disappointing Dishonest Unprofessional Unreliable

Gulnora from Uzbekistan reviewed DAMAC Properties on 22-11-2022


Good experiance and helpful.

Deem is very nice credit card, and its very helpful for me because in this card lots of cash back offers and benifits, i really like so much this card.
I suggest to all realy this is amazing credit card, definetly get this card without any dubt.



monark soni from India reviewed Deem on 22-11-2022


Excellent experience

Dear Life Pharmacy Team

We been very regular to life Pharmacy, started with bustan branch and the reason is Mr Ali this Man deserves this respect, he is just outstanding, can’t describe him in words, excellent customer service, excellent ownership, very friendly, great sales man ship, very helpful, very supportive, not just only to us, he does this to every one, never seen him in tense, always cool, you guys are very lucky to have him, he is assets to your organization.
We are very thank full to him, and wishing him all the best.

Keep up Ali, it doesn’t add any thing to you coz thats how you carry.

Great to be a friend.


Marianne from Philippines reviewed LIFE Pharmacy on 21-11-2022



Awful and disappointing customer service…



Awkward Disappointing Incompetent Unpleasant Unprofessional Indecent Not Client-oriented

Premjith from India reviewed V perfumes on 21-11-2022


Bill payment

Most dirty no solution for a month and already pay online where did the money goes


Disappointing Horrible Messy Miserable Misleading Ridiculous Rude Unprofessional Unreliable Not Client-oriented

Ali Ayoub from Algeria reviewed du on 21-11-2022


Unprofessional Customer Service

I open my account previously like more than 1 year ago. I don`t have any issue before until, they upgrade my account into Al hilal digital and 5 days ago I encountered a lost of money in my account. I called their customer service, looking forward to solve my concern, but apparently to no avail. and every time I spoke to one of their customer service personnel they all have the same answer. ” I send email to digital team, and they will call you back some say in 15-30 minutes”. I keep on waiting but nobody is returning my call, nor sending me an email or SMS, I always the one calling and following up my issue. This is so disappointing, how can I trust this bank if this is the case.


Disappointing Horrible Incompetent

Sarah from United Arab Emirates reviewed Al Hilal Bank on 21-11-2022


Chiller Service

Stay in north heights Al Nahada 1. They have not mentioned anything about chiller. So it is presumed as part of Dewa
Now they appointed third part which is very costly and also asking for security deposit

Management is also not responding to emails

Very poor customer service


Disappointing Inattentive Unprofessional Unreliable Not Client-oriented

SJ from India reviewed Wasl Group Properties on 21-11-2022


Aqua Cool in North Heights S1002

They brought in a new 3rd Party, Aqua Cool, to maintain the AC in teh building. They are charging exorbitant deposit, rates etc. This was not as per our rental contract.


Disappointing Fraudulent Inattentive Misleading

Ramaswamy Sriram from India reviewed Wasl Group Properties on 21-11-2022


move in and move out – closing account with wasl

horrible experience. They have introduced all the processes through the application and there is no contact person. you will feel a hard time with wasl closing-out procedure. it took me 01 week to hand over the keys. No one is ready to take over and daily i was visiting their wasl vita. They didnt close my account for 3 months and they keep on adding fines for dishonored cheques also fines from bank.
None of the people is ready to take responsibility- neither customer care, security, or email responses.
Don’t prefer renting through wasl. better go to other local agents.


Disappointing Horrible Inattentive Not Client-oriented

pradeep from United Arab Emirates reviewed Wasl Group Properties on 21-11-2022

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